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I was born in Jinja, a small town in tropical East Africa. Life was peaceful and happy for my family and me, but if we needed to see a doctor we faced a journey of more than 50 miles to the nearest surgery, and once we arrived the treatment was not cheap. My mother was a resourceful woman though, and to save us travelling all that way, she would use natural remedies grown from our back garden for any minor ailments we had.

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Happiness and the Immune System

Most of us are only too aware that the way we live in today’s modern world, and the stress it often causes, is not good for our health. So if we know some major illnesses can be a result of ongoing stress, or have links to it, why do we as nation no [...]

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I get asked lots of questions on quite a few subjects. Here a few of the most popular questions I am asked, if you need advice or have your own questions please get in touch and I will do my best to help.

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Q. Can homeopathy treat my allergies?

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Q. I eat a healthy diet. Should I still take nutritional supplements?

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