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Welcome to my Nutrition and Homeopathy blog. Here you will find latest research based trusted information on use of diet and natural remedies to optimise your fitness and wellbeing. These include use of Heel, Rekeweg and tissue salts in my practice, should you wish to have more information on these Homeopathic remedies please book an appointment.
The information generated in the Blogs should not be used as medical advice, always contact your medical practitioner for further advice if you are on medication.

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Happiness and the Immune System

by Nina in Blog | 25th May 2015

Most of us are only too aware that the way we live in today’s modern world, and the stress it often causes, is not good for our health. So if we know some major illnesses can be a result of ongoing stress, or have links to it, why do we as nation no [...]

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Effective Weight Loss with Green Coffee Beans

by Nina in Blog | 22nd February 2015

If you\\\'re serious about weight-loss, use Green Coffee Bean Extract! Dr. Mehmet Oz\\\'s Green Coffee experiment demonstrated that those who took the green coffee bean extract lost about 16% fat of the body without changing diet or being involved in n [...]

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Fuel Your Heart - Everything a woman needs to know about heart disease

by Nina in Blog | 11th February 2015

Heart disease is still commonly viewed as a man\\\'s problem: yet heart disease is a bigger killer for women than breast cancer. In fact, women are twice as likely to die from heart disease than any form of cancer. One significant change is the menopause, [...]

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Spice up your Valentines: Improving sexual pleasure, erectile quality, and stamina

by Nina in Blog | 8th February 2015

Erectile dysfunction is most commonly caused from a constriction of blood flow, due to poor circulation or damaged blood vessels. This can occur naturally with aging, or as a result of a poor diet or mild hypertension. The key to unlocking a constricte [...]

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Nettle Birch Water: A superdrink with a little bit extra

by Nina in Blog | 7th February 2015

Birch Sap has been hailed everywhere as the superdrink of 2015, helping with everything from dandruff to liver disease to weight loss! But why have we chosen our seven flavours? Each one offers its own benefits, from cold and flu remedies to help with art [...]

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Why Turmeric and Honey is the oldest and most effective superfood

by Nina in Blog | 1st February 2015

Turmeric is the most effective nutritional substance in existence. Turmeric contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties – Curcumin is the main active ingredient. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong anti- [...]

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Birch Sap: the Metro's Superdrink of 2015!

by Nina in Blog | 24th January 2015

Birch Water was featured in the Metro as the super-drink of 2015, described as rich in vitamins and minerals, and \"known for its detoxifying, diuretic and purifying properties\". Our Birch Water has a high concentrate and is purer than others on the m [...]

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How to Get Rid of Anxiety

by Nina in Blog | 21st January 2015

Anxiety is the feeling of heightened arousal or worry that occurs when there is no obvious threat or in response to a disproportionately trivial stimulus. It consists of both an emotional and a physical imbalance, and tends to be provoked by overwork, stress, fear, or insecurity. It is sometimes accompanied by an increased pulse rate, clammy skin, irregular sleep patterns, and appetite disturbance. Here\'s how to prevent this from happening!

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Looking to lose those final few pounds? Try Cumin

by Nina in Blog | 18th January 2015

In a groundbreaking study, two groups of women ate the exact same controlled diet for three months. The only difference was a teaspoon of cumin each day. Surprisingly, women in the spice group lost an extra 3 pounds of weight and their body fat, collectively, dropped by a whopping 14.64% - nearly triple the 4.91% loss in the non-cumin group.

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Eczema – The Dry Skin Condition

by Nina in Blog | 18th January 2015

What is eczema? Eczema is a type of chronic skin inflammation also known as atopic dermatitis. The term eczema applies to various skin conditions including dryness and recurring skin rashes. Eczema can occur in small patches all over the body. Learning [...]

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