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Welcome to my Nutrition and Homeopathy blog. Here you will find latest research based trusted information on use of diet and natural remedies to optimise your fitness and wellbeing. These include use of Heel, Rekeweg and tissue salts in my practice, should you wish to have more information on these Homeopathic remedies please book an appointment.
The information generated in the Blogs should not be used as medical advice, always contact your medical practitioner for further advice if you are on medication.

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Eczema – The Dry Skin Condition

What is eczema?
Eczema is a type of chronic skin inflammation also known as atopic dermatitis. The term eczema applies to various skin conditions including dryness and recurring skin rashes. Eczema can occur in small patches all over the body.
Learning more about eczema will help you to understand it. Remember that, many people have eczema. There is no need to be embarrassed by your condition. I have seen many people who try many different treatments for relieving their itching. Starting from over-the-counter remedies to prescription medications, they have tried so many things. Still, one study found that many of them are not satisfied with their medications or treatments.

Why do people get eczema?
Eczema can be triggered by environmental irritants or allergens. Substances like soaps, perfumes, chemicals, as well as food allergies, lifestyle, stress, or a change in temperature or humidity, can all play a part.

How can I treat it naturally?
From my point of view, healthy diet plays effective role for the healthy skin. Choosing foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals your skin need will, overtime actively nourish your skin and dramatically boost its appearance. According to me, two important considerations in the treatment of eczema are maintaining good general hydration and moisturising the affected area using natural compounds without alcohol and other chemicals. Also, one can achieve symptomatic relief using emollient, antihistamines and topical corticosteroids.
Besides medications, there are some effective homeopathic medicines that can help to ease symptoms naturally. Schwef heel drops are mainly used for dermatitis off various origins, such as irritant eczema. Graphites homaccord is widely used for dry and chronic eczema. It is very good application for long term therapy of scars and keloids. Many plants and natural substances fall into this category. It is no surprise that more than half of all eczema patients have reported using some form of alternative medicine and still many more continues their search for new and better treatment options.

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