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Welcome to my Nutrition and Homeopathy blog. Here you will find latest research based trusted information on use of diet and natural remedies to optimise your fitness and wellbeing. These include use of Heel, Rekeweg and tissue salts in my practice, should you wish to have more information on these Homeopathic remedies please book an appointment.
The information generated in the Blogs should not be used as medical advice, always contact your medical practitioner for further advice if you are on medication.

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Effective Weight Loss with Green Coffee Beans

If you\\\'re serious about weight-loss, use Green Coffee Bean Extract!

Dr. Mehmet Oz\\\'s Green Coffee experiment demonstrated that those who took the green coffee bean extract lost about 16% fat of the body without changing diet or being involved in new/additional exercises.

It contains chlorogenic acid, the integral part of the fat burning process because it signals the liver to burn stored fat. In addition to that, it reduces glucose by slowing the process of converting sugar into glucose. This means, less glucose in your blood will speed up the process of burning fat, and there will be no excess glucose to convert to fat later. In other words, not only does green coffee bean extract burn fat faster, its effects are long lasting.

Green coffee beans have never been roasted. During the roasting process, the beans become darker and many of the nutrients in the beans are lost. It is a common myth that coffee beans increase caffeine content when they are roasted, however, all coffee beans do contain caffeine.

Added benefits are increased energy levels, possible reduction of aging effects, better balance to blood sugar levels, which will lead to decreased risks of diabetes.

Super charging metabolism is the added benefit of having more energy. More importantly, it has the potential to begin melting away the fat. When you combine this supplement with a healthy diet and exercise program, you have the potential to see better results on the scale than if you did diet and exercise alone.

This powerful product doesn\\\'t contain any additives or preservatives. In fact, all it contains is the extract of the green coffee bean, so everything is 100% natural.

Overall, most people find that Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the most powerful products available. Not only does it help them supercharge their metabolism and burn off the fat, it will also help them look and feel better than they have in years. I believe it\\\'s worth every penny, and can have life-changing results.

Here is our recommended extract: