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Welcome to my Nutrition and Homeopathy blog. Here you will find latest research based trusted information on use of diet and natural remedies to optimise your fitness and wellbeing. These include use of Heel, Rekeweg and tissue salts in my practice, should you wish to have more information on these Homeopathic remedies please book an appointment.
The information generated in the Blogs should not be used as medical advice, always contact your medical practitioner for further advice if you are on medication.

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Looking to lose those final few pounds? Try Cumin

Iran’s Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences have published a study, showing cumin can help you lose weight, decrease body fat and improve high cholesterol levels. And it\'s probably in your spice cupboard right now!

In the study, two groups of women ate the exact same controlled diet for three months. The only difference was that in one group, each woman consumed 3 grams (roughly one teaspoon) of cumin every day. Surprisingly, women in the spice group lost an extra 3 pounds of weight and their body fat, collectively, dropped by a whopping 14.64% - nearly triple the 4.91% loss in the non-cumin group.

Researchers think the results are party due to cumin’s phytosterols – plant chemicals that prevent cholesterol being absorbed in our bodies. More research is needed but the scientists also suggested that cumin, like other hot spices, may potentially increase our metabolic rate, meaning the spice acts in two ways to help you lose weight!

On top of this, eating this golden spice reduced the women’s “bad” cholesterol reading by 10 points and their level of harmful blood fats by 23 points.

So how can you use cumin and its benefits? Try mixing it with yoghurt and some of our turmeric and honey superfood mixture, or stir some into your curry, or even over your veggies!

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