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Please note that all information provided is kept in the strictest confidence
according to the regulations of hemeopath-patient confidentiality.

Please answer the questions as accurately as you can.

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Health profile

Please make a list of all the health problems you would like to clear up, and indicate below how long you have had these problems e.g. Headaches 5 years

What medications (drugs) do you take for these? State daily dosage

Do you have any allergies?

Have you had any major operations or physical/mental trauma?


What illness is/was your father/mother prone to?

Have you ever suffered from any of the following conditions?

Please tick any that apply:

Stress profile

Is your energy less now than it used to be?

Describe any stress that you are going through at present

Do you easily become angry?

Write down all the foods and drinks consumed over the past two days that represent your usual eating habits:

For women only

Are you pregnant? If so, how many weeks?

Are your periods regular?

Please describe any other significant details that may be relevant.


Which date would you like your consultation?

What is your preferred time for your consultation?

Consultation fees

35 minutes - £25
60 minutes - £40

Terms & Conditions

Consultation service

To use the consulting services from Nina Thakrar, the conditions or symptoms that you want to address must be medically non-urgent. We give highest professional attention to each consultation, but we cannot guarantee either a positive prognosis or responsibility for any events affecting patient’s physical, mental or emotional level. For those who apply for online treatment, we assure you our best possible efforts but we can’t claim to have ‘miracle’ cure for each and every case. We take no responsibility for any previous health complications and for those you should always consult your medical practitioner.

Consultation fees

Fee covers the consultation, any time spent in case analysis, the advice given about remedies during consultation and phone calls made between appointments no more than two months apart.

Conditions of use

The use of, access to or the submitting of information to our website shall be deemed acceptance of our terms and conditions. All information contained on the website may be altered by Nina Thakrar and Turmeric and Honey consultants from time to time without any notice.

Cost of remedies

The consultation fee does not include the cost of remedies suggested by Nina Thakrar. For online consultation, the remedies cost will also include the applicable postage charges.

Telephone advice

For those who have had a consultation in the last three months, the advice over the phone is given free of charge, but remedies cost will be included along with postage charge. For those who have not had a consultation in the last three months, advice over the phone is usually given free of charge, but any remedies and postage will be charged for.


Payment is due at the time of booking an appointment for consultation in full. For online consultation, payment must be made at least 24 hours before the appointment is scheduled through a payment service such as PayPal that is directly available on our website. Payment is for advice, time and duration of the consultation of the case, once this has been undertaken, no refunds will be given.

Cancellations of appointments

We require 48 hours’ notice for cancellations of an appointment. Failure to cancel existing appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice or failure to show up at your arranged appointment will result into full charge of fees.

Data protection

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act (1998), the data controller is UNV Ltd., Principal. Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties and will only be used for internal functions relevant to case.