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Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to questions I am more commonly asked regarding homeopathy, nutrition and supplements. If you have any other questions that are not covered here or would like further information, please contact me and I will do my best to help answer you query.

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Q. What is homeopathy?

A. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that helps treat a disease condition by using small amounts of an agent or drug that will produce the same symptoms as the disease when given to a healthy person.

Q. How does homeopathy differ from conventional medicine?

A. In addition to promoting good health, homeopathic preparations and nutritional supplements are often used as direct substitutes for conventional drugs. In most cases, these natural medicines promote the healing process, rather than supressing symptoms.

Q. Is homeopathy safe? Does it have any side effects?

A. Yes, homeopathy is safe, because the remedies are formulated from very small amounts of active ingredients. These remedies are derived from nature and natural substances, hence they will not have any side effects whatsoever when used judicially. Also, homeopathy works on energy levels and the body’s bio-regulating pathways.

Q. Can I take homeopathic remedies along with other medicines?

A. Yes, these remedies can be safely taken in conjunction with other medicines. You should always consult your homeopath or doctor before taking any remedies, though.

Q. Can children be treated with homeopathy?

A. Homeopathic remedies are non-addictive and have no dangerous side effects. Children can be safely treated with homeopathy when they are under the supervision of a homeopath or relevant consultant.

Q. Can pregnant or nursing women be treated with homeopathy?

A. The active ingredients in homeopathic remedies are so finely dosed that mother and child are not stressed by the use of almost all remedies (the rare exceptions carry a statement on the packaging). Due to the effectiveness, good compatibilities and low risk of side effects, pregnant or nursing women can be treated with homeopathy under the supervision of a consultant homeopath.

Q. Can homeopathy treat my allergies?

A. Yes, homeopathy is highly effective in the treatment of allergies and fully capable of stimulating the body to heal to the point of complete relief from all allergy symptoms. These remedies act on hay fever by correcting the imbalance in the body and enhancing its own powers of resistance. Our nutritionist and homeopath can give you the best advice about your allergy treatment.

Q. Are there supplements I can take to improve my memory?

A. Yes, there are nutritional/dietary supplements that a person can take to improve memory. Antioxidant nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D can all help to improve mental function. Omega 3 supplements in particular have shown promise in enhancing memory. You can always consult your doctor or homeopath for more advice.

Q. I eat a healthy diet. Should I still take nutritional supplements?

A. Eating a healthy diet does not always mean you are getting all the necessary nutrients your body needs. Sometimes, processing, cooking, and storage, as well as soil-damaging pesticides and fertilisers, can leave food nutrient poor, especially in terms of minerals. Since the body cannot make its own, it is essential to obtain vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts from good quality supplements.

Q. Are there supplements I can take to stop me feeling tired all the time?

A. Yes, there are supplements you can take to stop you feeling constantly tired. Sometimes, tiredness is due to certain medical conditions and/or lifestyle issues. You should always consult your doctor, pharmacist or homeopath regarding these situations. You can take certain supplements such as ginkgo, Co-Q10, or ginseng on the advice of your consultant. A person should be taking a daily multivitamin to ensure they are getting the minimum amount of nutrients the body requires.

Q. What natural remedies are available for allergies and hay fever?

A. Natural combination remedies act on hay fever by correcting the imbalance in the body and enhancing the body’s own powers of resistance. If you suffer from hay fever, you should consider taking supplements such as flaxseed oil, probiotics, vitamins A, C, E, or zinc on the advice of a registered practitioner or nutritionist. Natural remedies, for example ginkgo, red clover, milk thistle, and eye bright, or homeopathic combinations such as heel remedies can be recommended by your homeopath or consultant.

Q. What do different vitamins do?

A. Vitamins are present at low levels in our bodies, but they are very important for each and every aspect of our health. Vitamin A enhances immunity and helps growth. B-vitamins are essential for energy and metabolism. Vitamin C builds immunity. Vitamin D controls calcium absorption for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin E is good for heart and circulation. For more information, you can always contact our nutritionist and dietician.

Q. How do I know if I should be taking Vitamin D?

A. Vitamin D has a wide range of roles in many aspects of human physiology. There has been, in recent years, rising evidence of epidemiological levels of vitamin D deficiency, especially in European countries like the UK. Your GP or consultant can determine whether or not you need to take vitamin D supplements by identifying relevant symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and though blood testing.

Q. I’m allergic to certain foods. Can I still take nutritional supplements?

A. Yes, you can take nutritional supplements. Once you have discovered which foods you should avoid, you can start making dietary changes to regain a healthy balance and take control of your health. Your dietician or nutritionist is the best person to seek advice from on this matter.

Q. Why are Heel Remedies and Rekeweg Remedies not available on the internet?

A. These are classed as unlicensed medicines and can only be prescribed by a Qualified Homeopath, please contact me for more information.

Q. What are tissue salts?

A. These are "cell salts" which are the integral functioning parts of each individual cell and the body as a whole. Any deficiency can lead can lead to an abnormal condition in the body. They can given to children from one year and above.

Q. Are New Era salts still available?

A. No The New Era have been discontinued, however a great replacement are the Schuessler salts. Please contact us for more information on these tissue salts.